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Richard's book: "Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues - The Arthur Alexander Story" and Richard's article on Arthur Alexandar

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Welcome to my site!

A friend once called me a "Purveyor of Fine Tunes" and it truly has been my path. As a performer, my repertoire has always been eclectic. Now, as a music educator and entertainer for small children, I can embrace my love of "fine tunes" with them. If the music makes me happy, I know it translates to them. And that is the essence of my message: music is joyful, whether we are using our bodies or our voices. I mix all sorts of songs together -- from a Mersey-beat style "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to Sam Cooke's "Shake," from Nilsson, Raffi and traditional folk songs to Tin Pan Alley tunes, African music games, circle dances, Chuck Berry's "Rock 'n' Roll Music" and beyond. I'm also a songwriter and often completely spontaneous when I perform, making up songs based off what the children are doing. It keeps me on my toes and makes the experience more exciting for all of us.

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Richard is a gifted and talented musician who has an easy way with the children. He has bought a love of music to our children. They love working with him and we call him the "Pied Piper." - Little Friends School, Sunnyside, New York