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Cool stuff

Courtesy of Hank Thompson

The color version of Hank Thompson's poster that appeared in my book.

"Cliff (Richard) went to America and died," John Lennon once said. "He was fourteenth on the bill with Frankie Avalon." Here's a poster from that tour.

Those wacky Ruskies! Now this is news you can use...for what, I don't know.

Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley and Peter Lewis of Moby Grape at Wetlands, 1997. I literally had tears in my eyes at this amazing show. If you know their history, you might understand why.

Sophie's first driving lesson!

A view of my road-racing set when I was 11. I always wanted to live in the little town I constructed.

Drawing by Bill Cotter for my short-lived (never-aired!) Web TV show pilot.